Refrigerators are hardworking machines, running 24/7. You need to make sure that you give them some tender loving care. Other than clearing out some smelly food, what else can you do for your refrigerator? If you want your fridge to be efficient for a long time, here are simple some simple refrigeration service maintenance tips:


Daily Maintenance

Make sure to cover the food stored inside of your refrigerator. This will prevent the odor from migrating from your refrigerator to your freezer. It is also important that you maintain an adequate amount of clearance on all sides of your refrigerator.


Monthly Maintenance

It is important that you empty the ice bins every month. Ice can absorb odors from your freezers and form solid blocks at the bottom of the bin. To keep the ice loose and sweet-smelling all month long, empty your ice bins every month and start fresh by putting an open box of odor-absorbing baking soda inside of your freezer.


Every Three Months

Condenser coils located at the back of your refrigerator condense and cool the refrigerant, which releases heat. If they are clogged with debris like dust and pet hair, they will stress your compressor and waste electricity. Vacuum your condenser coils at least once every three months using a brush attachment. Clean the back coils with a coil brush that can reach even the smallest and hard-to-reach places. Families with pets should clean the coils every month. Cleaning your condenser is a good refrigeration service option and can extend the life span of your fridge.


Every Six Months

Replace your water filter every six months to ensure clean water and ice and at the same time prevent clogs and leaks. Check your refrigerator’s user manual for the location of the filter and how to pull it out safely. After you have replaced the filter, run a gallon of water through it in order to clean it.


Refrigeration service maintenance is still a job that’s best left to professionals like Agape Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration. You can also take your fridge to one of the shops in Gilbert, AZ if you are looking for quality maintenance and repairs.