Calling heating service for change or repair in the cold days is never fun. But sometimes, accidents happen and you need to schedule an unexpected visit from your local air condition contractor. Here we have gathered some tips on how to maintain your heating system all year round so can face fewer problems with it!

Seal any air leaks in your house

If you want your heating system to work for years to come, you need to make sure it does not work more than it needs to. To do that, you need to seal any leaks around your home. Check all windows and doors and see if there is any air flow around them. If you notice leaks, you can seal them by replacing weather stripping or by applying caulk. This will reduce the work of your heating system and keep it safe from overheating.


Lower the temperature

If your heating system is working on the maximum heat all the time, then it will surely overheat with time. Find a temperature that is efficient for you and your family and keep the thermostat on it at all times. Turning it up will not make your home warmer any faster anyways.


Lower the temperature when you are out

When you leave your home, make sure to lower the temperature a bit. Turning your system off is not the best choice, as it will need time to heat again once you are at home. This means it will use more energy, which is not good for the heating system, nor for your electricity bill. Leaving it at a reasonable temperature will keep your home at a room temperature, as well as having your system running smoothly at all times.


Schedule professional maintenance


Having a regular heating service is one of the best things you can do for your heating system. A yearly check up by a professional can prolong the life of your heating system and prevent breakdowns, which will save you some expenses in the long run. If you are looking for a reliable contractor for this job in Gilbert, AZ, be sure to check Agape Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration. You can find us at (480) 836-8215.